Jeg snakker norsk!

Ok, maybe not yet, but I’ve finished my first lesson, and know such useful phrases as:

Jeg heter Patrick.  Hva heter du?
Jeg kommer fra USA, men jeg bor i Oslo nå.  Hvor kommer du fra? Hvor bor du?

To translate:

My name is Patrick.  What’s your name?
I come from USA, but I live in Oslo now.  Where do you come from? Where do you live?

Jeg is really strange to me.  It’s sort of pronounced Yaii (it’s hard to come up with an English spelling that shows how it’s pronounced since it’s really not a sound combination we use).

Hopefully we’ll start learning more useful information.  There are a couple of phrases that could be quite useful to know, such as:

“Everybody run!  Velociraptors are in the building!”
“Please hide me, men with guns are chasing me!”

Ok, maybe situations that call for those phrases don’t come up often, but if they did, wouldn’t you want to know how to say them? 🙂

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