Ok, I’m going to try and disable anonymous comments for a while to see if that cuts down on the spam comments.  May the spammers spend eternity having to read and listen to their crap.  If there’s one constant online these days, it’s spam.

It’s not the greatest introduction to this post, but it will work.  After a good 3+ months in Oslo, life is taking on a modicum of normality.  Aside from everyone speaking a foreign language, life is pretty much the same as anywhere else.  –I go to work, I go to the gym, and all the other daily routines I would have anywhere else.

I am looking forward to winter, though.  After 5 years in areas with more moderate winters, I am actually eager to experience a cold season again.  Of course, we’ll see if I still think so in January!

I suppose it’s the normality that makes it a bit harder to actually compose the posts for this blog.  I need to buckle down and finish the posts I’ve started!

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