Start Broadband

One of my first posts was about my trials with Telenor and how I refused to use them after the lack of service I received from them.  Instead, I went and signed up with Start.

First, I contacted them and had an install date in less than 24 hours.  Unfortunately not everything went perfect.  They got my phone number wrong, so when the installer tried to contact me to arrange the installation, they couldn’t get in touch with me.  After that, apparently the installer screwed up the installation, and in the end it took about a week longer than expected to get connected.  However, that was the fault of the installers, not Start.

In fact, every time I’ve spoken with Start staff, they’ve been very friendly, and have always done their best to help.  Even when I managed to screw up my connection by flushing the DHCP client (although I maintain that if I was given access to do that, I should have been given full access!  🙂 ) they sent a courier with a new modem so that I was able to get online the next day, and they even configured it the way I requested it.

I’ve had their service for about two weeks now, and I’ve been very impressed.  The service isn’t as fast as I was initially told, but the speed has been consistent, and much better than the DSL service I was stuck with in London.  And for what I pay, I’m still getting twice the speed that Telenor offers for the same price.

So, at the moment, if someone is looking for DSL service, I recommend Start since the people there are actually interested in, and willing to, provide good service.

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