So, I did something stupid on Friday.  Luckily, it all worked out fine.  –I made it to the States on time and hassle free, except for the beginning of the trip, which was my fault.  The mistake?  Quite simply, I forgot to check which airport I was flying out of, and ended up going to the wrong one.

So, the lesson to learn from this is that Oslo has a couple of airports.  Gardermoen is the main one, but there is also one called Rygge.  They are about 2 hours apart by car, so if you go to the wrong one, you could be screwed.  Luckily, I flew SAS and they have flights out of both airports, and they put me on a flight from the airport I went to without charging me any extra fees.

So, although I’m rather embarrassed to admit what happened, everything worked out OK, and I was reminded that I need to make sure to pay attention to where my flights are flying in and out of.  And as far as I’m concerned, SAS is a good airline that still cares about their customers, unlike pretty much every American airline around today.

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